Harbin Tengzhan Wood Products Co.,Ltd is Chinas leading manufacturer of wooden dowel pin and wooden dowel rod established in the year of 1998, which specializes in the production of the "Carpenter Li" brand wooden dowel pin and wooden dowel rod for OEM export. Our products are widely used in the various field, such as furniture manufacturing and home decoration etc.
Our ranges include products such as wooden dowel pin(multi-grooved dowel pin/fluted dowel pin, twisted grooved dowel pin, spiral grooved dowel pin), wooden dowel rod, color and sticker rod, wooden extension pole, wooden flagpole, extra operation rod, wooden food skewer, wooden turnings and OEM wooden products. 90% in our products has been sold to international markets, such as North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa etc, besides, we also offer and supply our products for the domestic Chinese market. Our production capacity is wooden dowel pin:50 million pcs/month, wooden dowel rod:140 tons/month and wooden extension pole:100 thousand sets/month.

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   Wooden Turnings
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We have been providing ourselves to be a leader in China working hard in creative wooden dowel pin and wooden dowel rod development to improve our high quality and excellent service since 1998, and now have become the preferred supplier in China for the professional purchasers in the North America and Europe, meanwhile we have also been the appointed supplier for the large-scale famous furniture manufactory in China, and all the products meet international standard.
Harbin Tengzhan Wood Products Co.,Ltd
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